Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve

Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve

Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve in Golden.

The County of Denver maintains this buffalo herd about twenty miles west of the city. The bison are direct descendants of the last wild herd of bison in the U.S. They all came from a herd of 7 bison brought from Yellowstone National Park in 1914.

The bison herd can be seen from I-70 when heading west into the mountains on the right right side of the road. If you are heading east towards Denver, also look to your right because the bison could be on either side of the highway. However, by the time you see them you’ll have passed the exit for the overlook.

They roam in a large natural setting so they aren’t always visible near the road. Your best chance for seeing them is to just get off the exit 254 and if they are there, you’ll be able to see them at the first stop sign.

If they are not visible on one side of the highway, be sure to check the large meadow on the other side of I-70. The bison are able to pass under the highway through a tunnel in order to get to their other pasture.

On a last note, buffalo are found in Africa and Asia, while the “buffalo” in North America are actually bison.

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Address: Exit 254 Genesee Park on I-70, Golden (Map)

Season: Year round, depending on if Bison are near highway and in view

Fees: Free

Website: mountainparkshistory.org/…