Located just up the hill from Central City is the old ghost town of Nevadaville. There are several original buildings, as well a few old grave sites. Along the hill side above and below town are several historic mines you can view from the road.

All of the historic buildings are on private property and closed to the public. However you can still walk around town the scenic town.

At it's peak in the late 1800's, some 4000 people lived in Nevadaville. In the 1860s and 1870s it was known as Nevada City. Being located next to Central City made this a bustling place to be. 

The town died due to gold and silver running out around 1900. A few current residents still live in the area, 6 as of 1998. The Mason Lodge #4 still meets in the building today and is the only ghost town lodge in Colorado.

Getting There: From Central City Parkway, heading towards Central City, take Nevadaville Road on left just before downtown Central City. Follow that to the town center with a couple miles. There's a small parking area so you can get out and walk around.
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County: Gilpin

Roads: 2WD

Season: Year round 

Nearby Town:  Central City
About Nevadaville Ghost Town
Map Nevadaville CO
Nevadaville CO Ghost Town
Downtown Nevadaville was once brimming with people.
Nevadaville City Hall
Nevadaville General Store
Nevadaville CO Mines
Nevadaville Masonic Lodge
Nevadaville Mason Lodge
The old City Hall.
A General Store.
The Masonic Lodge on the left was organized in 1859.
The Masonic Lodge #4 in Nevadaville still operates today.
An old mine.
Mines dot the hill side in Nevadaville.
Nevadaville CO Mines
Nevadaville General Store
Nevadaville Ghost Town
The General Store.
Ruins of an old building.
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