South Canyon Hot Springs is a set of undeveloped hot springs pools in the wilderness outside of Glenwood Springs. It requires a short hike to get too, but the reward is worth it. The one or two pools available are located on a hillside with exceptional views of the surrounding wilderness.

There is one primary pool at the South Canyon Hot Springs. It varies in size and temperature, depending on the elements. The temperature could be anywhere from 100 to 112° F. Another smaller pool may be available. Sometimes the second pool gets too murky to use.
Primitive, undeveloped hot springs; Some people go without clothes; Could be sketch

Getting There:
From Glenwood Springs: Take I-70 W for 4.8 miles until you reach Exit 111 toward South Canyon. Exit there and take the left onto Co Rd 134/South Canyon Creek Rd. Go 1.2 miles and parking will be on the right. It's about a 1/2 mile after the road crosses the Colorado River. 

The hike is only an 1/8 mile from the parking lot. The path is well-worn and is found on the right side of the turnout. Go down the hill, over a stream and up to the springs on the hillside. The springs are tough to see until you are standing at them.

Penny Hot Springs is another primitive choice near Glenwood Springs.
South Canyon Hot Springs Trail
South Canyon Hot Springs Colorado
Trail into South Canyon Hot Springs.
South Canyon Hot Springs in Garfield County.
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Address: Garfield, CO

Season: Summer to early fall

Type: Primitive, 1/8 mile hike access

Price: Free

Clothing: Optional

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About South Canyon Hot Springs
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South Canyon Hot Springs CO
The natural South Canyon Hot Springs.
Hot Springs:
South Canyon Colorado River
South Canyon Historic Bridge
South Canyon Hot Springs Map
South Canyon Creek Road
South Canyon Hot Springs Trail
South Canyon Creek
South Canyon Hot Springs
South Canyon Hot Springs Trail
South Canyon Hot Springs Small Pool
South Canyon Hot Springs Mountains
South Canyon Hot Springs Main Pool
South Canyon Hot Springs Pool
The Colorado River runs through South Canyon.
A historic bridge built in 1915.
Area map located near historic bridge. See close-up.
South Canyon Creek Road (parking on left).
The dirt path down from the road-side parking.
A wooden footbridge crossing South Canyon Creek.
The dirt trail in from the road is short.
The main pool has some seating.
The mountains around the springs.
Aerial view of the main pool.
Looking down the canyon toward I-70.
The 2nd smaller pool.
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