Address: Georgetown, CO

Phone: 303-567-3000 (Clear Creek Office)

Season: April - November

Roads: 2WD, Free

MapGuanella Pass (.jpg)

Campground Reservations

Nearby TownsGeorgetown & Grant

Nearby National Forests:
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About Guanella Pass Scenic Byway
Map Guanuella Pass CO
Guanella Pass CO
Guanella Pass.
The Guanella Pass passes through two national forests on it's way from I-70 to US 285. It begins in Georgetown in the Arapaho National Forest and climbs to 11,669 feet in 12 miles. 

After the summit, it crosses into the Pike National Forest, before ending in Grant. It's breathtaking the whole way and definitely worth a trip.

September and early October are two of the most popular times to drive the pass, with beautiful fall foliage everywhere. Both sides of the pass offer something unique, with plenty of forests and mountains to explore. 

​Length: 24 miles, from Georgetown to Grant, 1 hour

Activities: Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Scenic Drives, 4x4 Drives, Winter - CC Skiing, Snowshoeing

Camping - There are 2 Arapaho NF campgrounds on the Georgetown side and 2 Pike NF on the Grant side. 

  • There are also lots of free dispersed camping spots on both sides of the pass. Sites can be found within 5 minutes out of Georgetown.

Fishing - Georgetown Lake and Clear Lake are the closest to Georgetown. There's also a few lakes along the pass.

Hiking - Beautiful trails are found dotted along the pass. Most of the big hikes though are at the summit. A 1/4 mile hike overlooks the valley.

  •  At the top are big 13K-peaks and the 14,060 foot Mount Bierstadt. It's a 3 mile hike (one-way) up 2,391 feet to the top of it.

  • Silver Dollar Lake is a 1.75 mile (one-way) hike from the top.

Winter Rec - The pass may close if there is avalanche risk. Otherwise trails are open to cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Highlights Along the Way: (north to south)
  • Georgetown & Georgetown Lake
  • Silverdale Intrepretive Site
  • Clear Lake & Campground
  • Silver Dollar Lake Trailhead
  • Guanella Pass Campground
  • Guanella Pass Trailhead
  • Duck Creek Picnic Area
  • Geneva Park Campground
  • Burning Bear Campground
  • Abyss Trailhead
  • Three Mile Trailhead
  • Whiteside Picnic Area
  • Grant

Getting There: From downtown Georgetown, take the Co Rd 381/Gunella Pass Road. From Grant, take Co Rd 62/Guanella Pass Rd.
Scenic Drives:
Georgetown CO Aerial View
Georgetown CO Clear Lake
Clear Lake is the first lake on the pass, after Georgetown Lake.
Aerial view of Georgetown from Guanella Pass Rd.
Guanella Pass CO Camping
Guanella Pass Summit
Guanella Pass Summit
Guanella Pass Summit Sunset
Guanella Pass Summit
Guanella Pass Continental Divide
Guanella Pass Scenic Drives
Guanella Pass Camping
Guanella Pass Primitive Camping
Guanella Pass Lake
Guanella Pass Ozzie
Guanella Pass CO
Guanella Pass Summit Lake
Looking back towards Georgetown.
A dispersed camping site near Georgetown.
Sunset over the summit.
Guanella Pass summit.
A lake at the summit.
More summit views.
The Guanella Pass Summit Area in the morning.
Nice clouds at the summit.
Heading down the south side of the pass.
The Continental Divide follows the pass.
More primitive camping. This time shared with cows.
A primitive camping spot Geneva Creek on the Grand-side.
A secluded lake near some camping.
Guanella Pass Summit