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Fairplay South Park City
South Park City is located in Fairplay.
Old Park County Library.
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Fairplay is located at the junction of U.S. 285 and Highway 9, about an hour and a half from Denver. Heading north on Highway 9, brings you to Breckenridge and heading south on 285 takes you to the Buena Vista. Fairplay's convenient location makes it a popular stopping point for those exploring the central Rockies.

Main Attractions:

South Park City - A restored 19th century mining camp and museum. There are some original buildings and others were imported from South Park, a 900 square mile basin in the Rockies.




National Lands:

Ski Resorts:

Fairplay CO Downtown
McCall's Bar in downtown Fairplay.
Fairplay CO Downtown
Some shops in downtown.
Fairplay South Park CO
Highway 9 heading north from Fairplay.
Fairplay CO Highway 9
South Park Pottery in downtown.
Fairplay Colorado
Downtown Fairplay.
The backyard at McCall's Bar .
Fairplay Colorado Downtown
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Fairplay Colorado
Downtown Fairplay.